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Fibre Optics

"Revolutionary" Services

Digital transformation was treated merely as a concept until Covid-19's rude awakening shook the world. The importance of organisations, no matter the size, investing cautiously into digital transformation, has never been greater. Connect-O-WAN is here to assist your organisation to implement cost effective and trustworthy, services your organisation needs today and in the future. Below in an introduction of the services we propose, click on the services to know further details about each of them.
Secured Branches

Secure branches encompass the various security solutions that companies implement in order to allow branch offices to safely, securely, and reliably connect to data center, Internet, and cloud applications.

Ideal for: multiple location business, medium-large sized businesses. Conglomerates, finance, health, public sector

Hosted Security


Offers managed and maintained security software solutions.

It’s hard to have both security and privacy. Usually one has to be compromised in order to work thoroughly. Moreover, the vast amount of time and effort it takes to keep security solutions like antivirus, firewalls, etc… up to date is overwhelming at best-especially for businesses with limited technology budgets.

Ideal for: any size business, if your business relies on third party for IT operations

Hosted PBX


Hosted PBX is a private branch exchange (PBX) delivered as a hosted service. Also known as a Virtual PBX the advantages include the elimination of installation, operation and maintenance costs of VoIP PBX, as Connect-O-WAN hosts their PBX for companies, in full compliance in terms of data security and regulations.


Ideal for: Fast-expanding, multiple location, any size businesses.



We will be updating this section shortly, however, you can get in touch to get an initial understanding of what we do.


Microsoft 365 Optimisation


Optimize performance and connectivity for Microsoft Office 365 and Teams and Simplify and centralise network management while adding security.

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