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Secure Branches

Secure branches encompass the various security solutions that companies implement in order to allow branch offices to safely, securely, and reliably connect to data center, Internet, and cloud applications.

Previously, branches relied on centralised gateways located at their data center to secure the entire enterprise. However, in the digital transformation era, more organisations are updating their branch office security strategy in order to quickly and reliably reach the Internet, without passing through the data center first by implementing SD-WAN.

SD-WAN is a new type of Software-Defined network that allows branches to connect directly to cloud applications, resources, and tools from a branch office. Gartner projects that within the next two years, 90% of branches will implement SD-WAN instead of traditional routers. Many industries, such as finance, healthcare, and retail, already rely on this quick and secure method to access their cloud resources and enhance their branch office security.

Understanding how to Secure Branches:

  • Implement a unified SD-WAN security solution , either on-premises or in the cloud, to protect against advanced threats and comply with the latest regulations, locally and internationally.

  • cloud-based SD-WAN security solution  is beneficial for organisations with limited on-site IT resources.

  • An on-premises SD-WAN security solution  is ideal for organisations who have data location obligations or are focused on data privacy in compliance with local and international regulations.

  • Ensure that the security software at your distributed network of branches is continuously maintained.


  • Enhanced Security. SD-WAN integrates with a centrally located web filtering service that offers malware protection and other cybersecurity measures to protect every branch and remote device in the company.

  • Cost Effective. SD-WAN is much less expensive because it optimizes current network traffic, while also minimizing costs for infrastructure upgrades due to bandwidth usage increases.

  • Independence in Transport. With SD-WAN, businesses and organizations are given more flexibility when transporting their assets.


Recommended for: multiple location business, medium-large sized businesses. Conglomerates, finance, health, public sector

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