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Remote Monitoring

Hosted Security

Connect-O-WAN offers managed and maintained security software solutions. It’s hard to have both security and privacy. Usually one has to be compromised in order to work thoroughly. Moreover, the vast amount of time and effort it takes to keep security solutions like antivirus, firewalls, etc… up to date is overwhelming at best-especially for businesses with limited technology budgets. We do not label businesses according to their size, because in today’s era, when it comes to security of your data assets, no matter who big or small a company maybe, the threat of breaches is the same.

Connect-O-WAN steps in with its Security as a Service to help your business fully leverage enterprise-level technology solutions, without the time and expenses it takes to effectively manage and maintain them. By outsourcing this responsibility to trained IT professionals, you get a smooth running business, high business functionality, without the troubles of managing and maintaining security solutions.

Wide-ranging Threat Management

Let’s be proactive when it comes to securing business data

The online environment is full of dangerous entities, ranging from minor viruses and annoyances, to full-fledged security threats that can compromise and lock down your systems. Especially today, hackers are always trying to find new and less noticeable ways to extort money and data from unsuspecting, innocent users. More importantly, your business is always at risk of a hacking attack that can result in data theft, destruction, and heavy compliance fines that you can’t afford. With a Hosted security offering, you can take complete advantage of powerful firewall solutions, antivirus software, a web content filter, and spam blocker, all without the expensive up-front costs. You can turn the security solutions your organisation needs to stay safe into operating expenses, making them much more manageable than before.

Fully Monitored and Maintained

We take the responsibility of hosted security, so that you can focus on your business

Keeping an eye on your business' network access logs can be time-consuming, especially when you have so many other responsibilities to handle during your workday. Furthermore, controlling critical patches and security updates to your entire network infrastructure can be challenging. Hosted Security implements a complete remote monitoring and maintenance solution that’s designed to scan your network for inconsistencies and entities that are out of place, and resolve them in an efficient manner. This includes applying the necessary patches and security updates, all so you don’t have to.

Cloud-Based Efficacy

Security solution through the cloud for easier management and flexibility

The cloud is changing the way that businesses handle the deployment of mission-critical applications and information, but it can also be an exceptionally potent tool. The primary benefit that Connect-O-WAN offers is that it’s a completely cloud-based solution that’s deployed to all of your organisation’s infrastructure through a cloud environment. This means that your security can be applied to all hardware on your network in one swift motion, rather than to each machine individually. Your solution is scalable to suit the specific needs of your business, making it a valuable investment that you can tailor to your specifications.

Ideal for: any size business, if your business relies on third party for IT operations

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