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Welcome to Connect-O-WAN
​Connect-O-WAN is the Wise Application Networking service which allows enterprises to leverage a combination of transport services to consume, manage or publish their information.

Connect-o-WAN offers a range of services which overcome challenges enterprises faces on a daily basis.  The rapid adoption of cloud applications and managed services has increased the need for a constant and consistent connectivity.


Secure Services Outsourcing Ltd presents Connect-O-WAN, an unmatched concept in Mauritius, offering various managed services such as secured branches, hosted PBX (private branch exchange), Microsoft 365 optimisation, hosted security and analytics, reinforced by the superior global suppliers such as Cisco, Citrix, 3CX…


In the traditional IT industry, WAN implies Wide Area Network, and to be clear, Connect-O-WAN’s ultimate objective is to provide your organisation the best secure wide area networking system. But we are taking a step further for you, by assisting your company to navigate towards the precise path to digital transformation. Hence why, we propose the feasible and trustworthy WAN; in our terms: Wise Application Networking. We simply deliver, secure, feasible, efficient and professionally Wise networking solution as a Service.

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